Clarify and Achieve your Goals! We create spaces that will reflect your goals and the specific challenges of your individual situation and space.

Feng Shui is first about YOU..then the space.

What is Feng Shui?

 Feng Shui is about making your life better.  It's about making changes in your space  color, lighting, plants, symbols, artwork, etc that help reflect your goals or ease your challenges.

It's about tuning in and utilizing your evrionments to improve your personal and/or professional life. Literally, Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) are two Chinese words that mean "wind" and "water". 

Yet, it's a multi-faceted art, science and philosophy that looks at how and why we are affected by various aspects of our environment. 

Through understanding and making changes in our inner and outer environments we can utilize our home or business environments to reflect our goals, inspire health and well-being and to help us work through lifes challenges.

Feng Shui is FUSION between you..who you are, what you want, what your challenges are and then about all apsects of design, psychology and how your space can be fine-tuned to inspire who you are and what you want in life or business.

The Pyramid School

The Pyramid School which I like to refer to as Fusion Feng Shui, blends the eastern principles of Feng Shui with knowledge in the western sciences that look at how the environment affects the human experience of place. There are no pre-prescribed cures with our school. We tailor our recommendations based on the varying dynamics of your particular life situation, architecutural space, habits, personality, etc. This helps us utilize feng shui in the most effective and specifically tailored way to help enhance your personal or business potential.

"I truly resonate with Nancilee Wydra's, the founder of the Pyramid School statment,

“Pyramid Feng Shui adds layers of diverse disciplines with it’s goal of casting more and more light on the mysteries of how the physical world impacts the human experience.”

How Fusion Feng Shui can help you?

What is that you want??? That's our goal for helping you...Improved health, less stress, better relationships, a partner, enhanced family relations, increase prosperity, clarity?  We help you clarify and then make recommendations to support you and/or your business with your challenges and goals.




Fusion Feng Shui Advisor, Heather Smith
[email protected]